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About CEO

Innovation. Collaboration. Transformation.
CenterState CEO is a regional business leadership organization, chamber of commerce, and economic development strategist, based in Syracuse, New York.  We represent 2,000 members of all sizes and serve as the primary business resource and catalyst for development in a twelve-county area.  We advocate for smart business, facilitate regional growth and promote community prosperity through results-driven partnerships, planning and problem solving.

Core Focus Areas

  • CenterState Chamber Services
    The CenterState Chamber of Commerce provides comprehensive business services to help its more than 2,000 members develop their businesses and grow personally and professionally. Its goal is to attract new and existing members to become more active and involved for their own benefit, that of their employees, and the region.

    Services include:
    • Events & networking
    • Engagement & visibility opportunities
    • Training & education programs
    • Comprehensive health insurance & employee benefits
    • Family-owned business support
    • Regional statistics & reports
    • Employee recruitment & relocation packages
  • Business Expansion, Retention & Attraction
    CenterState CEO provides business expansion, retention, and attraction services, including financing assistance, to companies - with a focus on the region’s most competitive and emerging industry sectors. CenterState CEO drives a multi-county regional growth strategy by partnering with a network of business leaders, public officials and economic development allies.

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    CenterState CEO supports emerging and early stage businesses and the acceleration of technology commercialization. It works to increase the availability of seed funding and investment capital, and advocates for innovation policies, programs and resources that support rapid growth of companies in strategic sectors tied to key regional assets.

    CenterState CEO's unique programs tap into the region's rich entrepreneurial talent, connect innovators with financial resources and facilitate collaborative university-industry partnerships.

  • Infrastructure & Urban Initiatives
    CenterState CEO works to advance urban revitalization and enable business growth through improved regional infrastructure, coordinated site redevelopment and repurposing, and management of key business districts and sites. Through catalytic programs and advocacy for policies that support urban areas, CenterState CEO is helping to spur investment, build density, and reduce sprawl.

    Through its affiliate organizations, unique initiatives, and programs, CenterState CEO's is helping enhance key regional infrastructure assets that help businesses expand and grow, while strengthening the region's overall competitiveness.

  • Workforce & Talent Initiatives
    CenterState CEO advocates for workforce priorities that support business needs, drive equitable and sustainable development and establish CenterState New York as a location of choice for employers and employees. We pursue alignment between the region's available talent and its considerable opportunities by promoting academic assets; supporting targeted outreach and networking initiatives; and encouraging an entrepreneurial environment.

  • Government Relations & Business Advocacy
    CenterState CEO develops and executes a highly targeted policy and government advocacy effort that addresses issues of priority to businesses and members, at all levels of government. Our effort integrates government relations and economic development agendas to create a climate for business retention, expansion, and attraction.

  • Tourism & Regional Marketing
    CenterState CEO promotes regional business opportunities, tourism, and quality of life through the Creative Core brand, creating a unified, multi-county message and identity. We help establish the region as a tourism and convention destination, generating business and income through targeted marketing, sales and service programs.