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Economic Development

CenterState CEO provides business expansion, ed page
retention, and attraction services and financing assistance to companies with a focus on the region’smost competitive and emerging industry sectors. It drives a multi-county regional growth strategy by partnering with a network of business leaders, public officials and economic development allies.

In CenterState New York, innovation and collaboration are central to the creation of opportunity for all who live and work in the region. By operating in an efficient manner and leveraging its many assets- human, natural and geographic - the region is creating a diverse, sustainable, and globally competitive economy.

In the last year, businesses have invested more than $2.3 billion dollars in the CenterState New York region. These investments bring high quality jobs, support major urban development, build the research and development capacity of academic institutions and industry sectors, and encourage the exporting of regional products to growing international markets.

CenterState New York’s vibrancy is the result of a strategic vision developed through the engagement of local communities, anchor institutions and, at the national level, with foundations and think tanks whose expertise lies in regional development. This region, and the businesses that are located here, benefit from extensive support and partnership with the Ford Foundation, the Surdna Foundation, Say Yes to Education inc., the Kauffman Foundation, CEOs for Cities and the Brookings Institution.

CenterState New York is a proven, cost competitive solution for U.S. and international companies that want to gain a competitive edge. Choose to grow your business in CenterState New York contact
Tom Blanchard, Senior Vice President and Chief Economic Development Officer, CenterState CEO.